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Sofie Riis Endahl

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sofie Riis Endahl writes YA-books and her young age allows her to give a unique perspective into her own generation – the first generation growing up living half of their lives on social media.

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  • Literature

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Sofie Riis Endahl published her first Danish YA-novel, “Sindstequila” (EN: Mindtequila) at the age of 17. Her age made it possible for her to authentically describe how hard it is being a part of the first generation to grow up living half of their lives in the virtual world on social media. Social media’s impact on her own generation’s identity and relations with each other are essential themes of her authorship.

Endahl furthermore likes to think outside of the standard book format, and she has written the chat-novel “Undskyld, men jeg har ingen andre steder at gå hen” (EN: “Sorry, but I have nowhere else to go”), which is purely told through Messenger-messages and Instagram pictures taken by real actors playing the six lead roles and 10 minor characters. The audio book based on the novel is also a different listening experience, because it is acted out as a radio drama by 6 actors.