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Laura Drapeau

Brussels, Belgium

Laura has Aerial multirope as a main discipline; dynamic technique mixed with Authentic Movement. She has a first background of theatre, practices Partner acrobatics, acroyoga, handstands, fire, all with a hint of clownesquery. She performs in circus and electronic music festivals, private events, street and theatres. Laura offers live animalistic performances for music events, short acts of different interests and one 20 minute act for deeper reflections.

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After training aerials on her own while traveling the Americas, Laura moved to Europe in 2017, and since then has been working a lot as a street circus Artist; presenting fire group and solo performance, partner acrobatics/acroyoga and handstands, while studying in INAC circus school, Portugal, where she deepened her training and creation experience. After graduating in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, Laura is working on the creation of a range of short acts of different interests, for different performing realities. In Brussels, Belgium, she teaches aerial silks and works at getting commercially visible, creating entertaining shows for the general public. In the winter, she travels to Senegal to bring up a social circus project creating a cultural and artistic exchange between locals and foreigners, coming with her team to perform, teach and leave an available space for the people to keep running the project communally.

To resume, Laura finds herself in the live performance and social circus area. Her focus, under all the common interests of society, is in the philosophy of presence. Anywhere she presents, she aims to take all of the perceptions into a conscious state of presence ; may her show be about visual interest, entertainment, child interest, political critic, personal expression. To spice up her technical demonstrations, she uses different expression techniques ; Eye contact, authentic movement, mime, clown, music and movement expression.