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Hristina Mitić

Belgrade, Serbia

Hristina Mitić is writing screenplays for young adult audience. She is also making content (podcasts/texts) and workshops for youngsters, doing research for documentary movies and working as dramaturgist for theatre.

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  • Audio-Visual
  • Digital Art
  • Film
  • Installation Art
  • Music
  • Poetry

Hristina started doing her artistic projects professionally during her third year of studying Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Hristina was a scenarist, did research and on set work for two short documentaries and shortly after that got an opportunity to write a play for The National Theatre in Niš called Women Painters which was directed by Stevan Bodroža. Following months were challenging for her because she got a job offer from a prominent portal in Serbia called to develop a podcast for younger audience and for that purpose she researched and talked with authors, artists and students in the field of sciences that are focused on developing programmes for young people and/or are youngsters themselves. She wrote short texts for the portal about episodes and she was actively engaged in social media campaign. She did that project for two years and made three seasons of the podcast called Loženje.

That reference got her in Heartefact Fond where she worked as a programme associate for the project Public! which was organised as a collaboration with The Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands for Serbia and Montenegro. During that project, she did research and organisation for the limited series podcast called Frameinism and held educational workshops for youngsters about discriminatory language.

In 2020, when the conditions for doing theatre were acquired, she got into two project, one for the graduation play of her colleague at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts and immediately after that she worked as a dramaturgist for The National Theatre in Belgrade. Hristina’s work is focused on writing and rewriting, researching and trying to develop projects that will be interesting or meaningful for young adults. Hristina is currently writing her new play that will be a hypertext for reading and performing.