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The Carnival Comes to the Community in Aalborg

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Aalborg, Denmark

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Aalborg Carnival is one of Europe’s biggest street parades with a thriving carnival atmosphere. Pre-Covid, thousands of people would gather, in costume, around the park and the streets near Kildeparken to celebrate together, share culture, share food and drink and to share an experience that is rarely forgotten. To grasp the scale of this annual event, see just some of the figures below.

  • Aalborg Carnival is among the 10 largest carnivals in the world and is Northern Europe’s largest carnival
  • The carnival In 2019, was the 37th held in Aalborg.
  • Aalborg Carnival is not only bound to Aalborg, it is for everybody in Denmark, and everybody who wants to travel abroad.
  • Aalborg Carnival is held in the city streets & squares and finishes in Kildeparken.
  • The carnival is always held during the last week of May.
  • Over 1,500 volunteers are involved each year in running Aalborg Carnival.
  • Aalborg Carnival is a whole week of samba, joy and love.
  • Approximately 200,000 to 300,000 attend or visit Aalborg Carnival every year.

However, as with so many events since March 2020, 2020 and 2021’s carnival was delayed and then cancelled due to the pandemic but, this year, the team in Aalborg decided to take a new approach. For the first time ever, the carnival went fully-mobile, touring local neighbourhoods with smaller carnival floats, with socially distanced but simple stunning Samba dancers, with lively music and street performances to bring the joy direct to their local neighbourhoods.

Wish you where there? Have a look at the video below and see the excitement and happiness that this year’s Carnival in the Community brought to the people of Aalborg.

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