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Zoom Festival 2021 with Pionirski Dom

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Author Mojca Čampa

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During 21st and 23rd of September Pionirski dom hosted 15th International film festival for children and youth ZOOM.15.

Wednesday and Thursday mornings were intended for film workshops, main participants were school groups and some individuals, who are actively involved in film making or are enrolled in film workshops at school.

Young artists selected through an open call, led a directing, screenwriting and acting workshop in tandem with one Slovenian and one foreign artist. The participants were acquainted with the chosen film profession and on the workshop, they tested themselves in selected field and in this way peek behind the scenes of film production.

Mentors of film workshops: Živa Selan (actress, Slovenia), Áron Horváth (director, Slovenia), Milica Spasojević (director, Serbia), Erika Kum (screenwriter, Slovenia), Hristina Mitić (screenwriter, Serbia) and Nikola Voštinić (actor, Serbia). All mentors were added to Liberty EU artist portfolio.

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Afternoon programme consisted of live screenings of competition programme.

The purpose of the festival is clear: to encourage and educate young people in the field of filmmaking. We are proud that the festival is richer every year. This year we received 350 films that met the criteria of the festival.

Young film makers were able to apply to our call, which was meant for children and youth up to 19 years of age. They could submit their films, which were inspected by selectors (Petra Gajžler, Marina Katalenič and Vid Hajnšek), who made preselection: Competition programme in 2 sections (Slovene and international) and in 2 categories (children and youth).

Competition programme was live screened in Festivalna dvorana in Pionirski dom. Slovenian film makers selected in competition programme were invited to join the screening and participate in discussion with jury members of the festival. Children’s films were screened on Thursday and youth films on Wednesday.

The winners were chosen by a jury, which this year included: Maja Križnik (screenwriter and director), Eva Jesenovec (actress), Zlatjan Čučkov (editor), Veronika Zakonjšek (film critic) and Oleg Morović (program selector of the Vodnjan Film Festival). Also, this year, the jurors were joined by a children’s jury, which awarded the best children’s film from Slovenia with clapperboard.

The winners of the film festival were announced on Thursday evening, where we presented a published booklet – Pojmovnik žanra (Glossary of film genres), for which the content was prepared by members of the film podcast team O.B.O.D. – Aljoša Harlamov, Mito Gegič and Igor Harb.


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