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STAMP Festival 2022 with Altonale GmbH

Hamburg, Germany

  • Altonale
  • Inside-Out Performance
  • Outdoor Digital
  • Processional Theatre

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STAMP Festival runs annually in the district of Altonale, in Hamburg, Germany.

At a time of great change in Europe and the European Union – ongoing refugee flows, disturbing trends in community divergence, European wars and the lingering effects of the pandemic – Altonale and STAMP festival, wanted to highlight the visions of young people.

The theme of liberty ran through all sections during the festival and revealed a variety of friction points and issues to be addressed. The Liberty EU programme contributes to a new sense of identity and place in an increasingly diverse society. In 2022 the festival presented 8 new performances or projects as part of the Liberty EU programme.

For the festival STAMP worked with young artists from across Europe including Germany, Estonia, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and also from Chile. 25 school children also participated in the BLOOM & DOOM project.


  • 50,000

    Liberty EU Audiences

Through a call for entries, 5 artist collectives were selected for the strands Inside-Out Performance and Processional-Theatre, who were able to try out their Liberty EU performances at the STAMP Festival in 2021 and 2022.

During this time, feedback and perspective discussions took place with all those involved. We were able to give the artists the opportunity to develop and try out their performances for over two years. We showed the audience a variety of performances with a wide variety of perspectives and implementations on the subject of Liberty, a further development and a critical and new examination of public space in post-covid times

Misha the Beast

A Liberty EU Inside-Out performance using rhythms and drums from African and South America. Misha allows people and cultures to connect with each other through his rhythms and shared experiences.

Featuring: Misha the Beast


An Inside-Out performance about our inner worlds in a time where there is a lack of touch and connection. How closeness, connection and intimacy affect our humanity and ask the question: What happens when these feelings are missing?

Featuring: Ann-Leonie Niis, Mayo Rodriguez and Marcos Meza

Locus Iste

A Processional-Theatre experience which uncovers the intimate thoughts of an individual through a series of happenings in public space. Locus ISTE comprehends not only the real, physically existing place, but also inner spaces and limitations that an individual creates for himself.

Featuring: Chi Him Chik and Lara Süss

  • 28

    Liberty EU Artists

  • 207

    Artist Engagement Days

Whale Me

A performance which has been under development through the Liberty EU programme since 2021 was unveiled as an Inside-Out Performance in the belly of a whale! Sandor Markus speaks in his interactive installation about identity and frustrations during which everyone has the chance to share their dearest secrets and desires in this unconventional aquatic situation.

Featuring: Sandor Markus

As far as I can carry, as long as I can hold

A Processional-Theatre Performance which this was a long durational performance, asking the question: How we can overcome the fear of being intimate with others especially in the time of post-covid and step over virtual love behind device screens. How can we connect when the whole world assigns us in roles?

Featuring: Michael(a) Daoud and Leman Sevda Daricioglu

Mirror of Things

For four weeks, people at the Altonale/Stamp pop-up store in the shopping center Mercado, could visually experience that radiation in the “Mirror of Things”, which otherwise eludes the human spectrum of perception.

Featuring: Kollektiv N/A ET AL

Urban Dance Experiement

Over the festival 6 young dancers improvised and devised pieces in collaboration with a choreographer and beatboxer. The entire process was visible to the public in this Inside-Out Performance and at the end of each day people were invited to an informal sharing offering audiences the chance to comprehend the results of the day and the whole project.


Bordering between a procession, a guided tour, a party and an activism action, BLOOM & DOOM invited the audience to actively participate in an immersive experience. A wandering group of young people, from alocal school, led the audience through the city, hand in hand in search of a sense of the future. Exploring how to live in a collapsing world and how to keep on dreaming.

Featuring: Cateriina Moroni and 25 students


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