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PostCART project with Explora

Rome, Italy

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As part of the Digital Outdoor Festival, Explora organised 4 workshops with the artists involved in the project. These workshops were dedicated to children and rooted in the concept and practice of freedom through the means of postcards creation.

During each workshop children reflect on the concept of freedom and sense of community through crafty activities whose main output is the realisation of postcards that each child then sends to their loved ones.

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Workshop leaders Alberto Wofgano, Amedeo D’Asaro, Chiara Ficarelli and Chiara Fazi led sessions over the weekend and the results are being posted throughout Europe already.

The PostCART workshops included using self portraits, cut into sections and interchanged with other people’s portraits, as a way to explore themes of self and community. Images of local architecture and landscapes served as inspiration and elements of other portrait-based postcards too.

Another workshop used the creatures of the deep blue sea as tools for explore themes of empathy and self-awareness whilst the final sessions used wax to outline images which became apparent after being brushed with coloured inks.

Some of the fantastic creations from the weekend will be shared with each of the Liberty EU partners, allowing the children’s creations to travel far and wide.

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