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LIKfest Art Festival 2020 – Pionirski Dom

Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Author Boris Beja

  • Liberty Art
  • Pionirski Dom

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This project was presented at the end of the LIKfest art festival, and unfortunately, due to the limitations in the country, we were not able to link this exhibition with children in schools as we hoped. Instead, we designed the project as a large exhibition with several art formats, and ultimately, we were able to publicly present the work of young artists and offer them good material conditions for creating and presenting their work.

On this occasion, we published a colour-illustrated catalogue, and selected works of art by children are presented in this. Accounting for the restrictions placed on events, the outdoor art presented was on public display free of charge.

After the public presentation in October 2020, the LIBERTY EU project continues in the public space in the car park in the centre of Ljubljana. We have already introduced our artistic content into the space in the past. Now we have supplemented them with young artists who participated in the project. Two international and two domestic artists are thus part of the collection, which is available for public viewing 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The project continues and is still on public display. Above all, we are pleased to have offered the opportunity to young artists and involved the general public in this. This one is not only local, but people from all over the country park in the Garage House. We use logos to announce and draw attention to ourselves and to the fact that we can tackle large projects and that we also master large formats.

In the future, such cooperation will still be possible, especially as part of the cooperation with the LIKfest Art Festival in 2021, where we will invite young artists to participate in the design of trainings for mentors and at the closing events of the festival.

All images by Mito Gegič.

LIKFest 2020 - Pionirski Dom

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Lo Milo:

Visual values of my works spring from different fields, such as minimal art as well as abstract street art and post-graffiti. For this particular case I believe the most liberal approach would be applying the freedom of expression through the process of creation. This does not necessarily mean that I am going to paint the expressionist painting or that I will completely follow the current instinct but rather that I will interact with the surface in time. Abstract language does not speak literally but it is definitely not as undefined as it may look. For instance, if I am trying to express anxiety, I would probably paint shrunk shapes in gloomy colors and unstable composition. In case of trying to express a serenity, the lines would probably flow smoothly and the shapes would feel light. Anyways, this should not be taken as a system of rules based on stereotypes, because curvy shapes are sometimes tense and black color is sometimes deeply positive. It would be ridiculous if I try to describe step by step of the process of abstract painting and its final look. That is actually the aim of abstraction, to stay open and visual and not defined and rational.

Eske Touborg:

“Working from the word FREEDOM wasn’t easy for me to be honest. To capture freedom in a picture or even something that resembles freedom felt like a huge task where I couldn’t just jump right into it. I am hugely inspired by the everyday life we live and all the small things within it – because that is what most of us live in most of the time. I always work from things I observe and take pictures of during my day just using my phone. I use these photos to create my images from. Some of them are ready to be painted immediately and some of them I stich together from several pictures. And it was the latter I had to do with these two pictures. Balloons are something I have always liked. A piece of plastic you can blow air into with your mouth making it expand from nothing to a big circle of color floating in the air taking up a lot of space yet very fragile. A very visual way for us to see our outbreaths as human being’s. When I see balloons, I see freedom. And when I saw balloons tied to a chair something was provoked in me as if I instinctively knew it was wrong. Growing up in Denmark, the sea has always been a big part of my life and thus also the beach. The warm sand, the red and white lifeguard houses, blue sky and being let loose with toys are probably where I felt the most free in my life without knowing it.”

Maruša Meglič:

The primary concern of an artist is to seek and express the truth, not a political opinion. Liberty for an artist means he is allowed to speak this truth publicly through his work, reaching out to others. Such a stance is not comfortable nor straightforward; that is why it also becomes political. Art daring to be sincere and vulnerable stands as a testimony of our human experience. Seeing, reading, and listening to such works of art resonates within us and invokes a feeling of a profound connection to Mankind, realizing our active partaking in its existential drama, pain, joy, and beauty.

Lidija Zeneripa:

“Instant stunt” is a part from a “ROLIS” project, where the author creates miniature sculptures out of instant noodles. Sculptures vary in sizes from 10 to 30 cm Sculptures are built in order to photograph them, where the scale, texture and colour plays a significant role and, moreover, using unconventional materials – the instant noodles themselves -, that at first might seem unaesthetic and not suitable for such work, the author addresses questions of perception of beauty.

In the words of the author, Rolton, also known as instant noodles, is probably today’s most popular lifestyle – quick noodles that swell to perfection quickly, cheaply  without undue effort – a complete set to quench hunger. Such a meal is seemingly appealing, but the effect of Rolton on the digestive system is not “fast and effortless”. Such a lifestyle introduces long-term negative effects on one ’s health, only calming down the brain activity.

What’s been feeding to us these days? Digest wisely, leave only the best and get rid of the rest.

LIKFest 2020 - Pionirski Dom

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