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Liberty Orchestra Whistle-Stop Tour of Denmark in 10 days.

Herning, Denmark

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The Liberty Orchestra created, by Swinging Europe in Denmark, as part of the Liberty EU programme has hosted a whistle-stop tour of Jazz musicians from across Europe in a short but sweet residency project. The intense residency lasted just 10 days: 2 days rehearsal, 6 days touring and 2 days recording. Venues included a departure center for asylum seekers, a library, an art museum and even a local swimming pool! 

Swinging Europe has a long tradition and experience in gathering musicians together both nationally and internationally to form touring project bands. The 8 musicians from 7 different cultural backgrounds were put together in a summerhouse outside Herning, where they rehearsed the composer and bandleader Kenneth Dahl Knudsen’s music. The “inside-out” concerts -as described in the project description- were held in unusual venues in the region and concentrated around the cities Herning, Aarhus and Aalborg.

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The Liberty Orchestra Musician Lineup for Tour 2021 consisted of:
1. Linus Kleinlosen – Sax and Clarinet (Germany)
2. Luka Dgebuadze – Keyboard (Georgia)
3. Natasa Zamida – Sang (Slovenian)
4. Bakri Hemmami – Sang/Percussion – (Syria)
5. Christopher Goddey – Bass – (Nigeria)
6. Tadas Pasaravičius – Saxophonist/Composer – Tenor Sax/New Flute (Lithuania)
7. Cham Saloum – Oud (Syria)
8. Matias Fischer – Drummer (Denmark)
9. Kenneth Dahl Knudsen – Bassist/Composer – Artistic Leader (Denmark)
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