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Altonale Short & Painless 2020 – Altonale

Altonale, Hamburg, Germany.

Author Tom Lanzki

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Working with Oakleaf Creativity in September 2020, Altonale presented a festival during restrictions due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. We called that festival, Altonale Short & Painless. It was planned to be a short festival with limited spaces. We invited audiences to enjoy moments with Literature, Film (#BLM), Performances, Pop-Up Theatre, which worked well and entertained audience members in this new, experimental presentation.

Liberty Angels, delivered in partnership with Oakleaf Creativity, where characters dressed as angels, were placed in positions that would give them an overview of the Hamburg district, Altona, and over the people living here – the Angels were a kind of Guardian for these strange times. Four times a day, each for 2 hours, during the festival these Liberty Angels were positioned on rooftops in the pedestrian area of Hamburg-Altona and on the roof of of the festival centre car-park, Platz der Republik.

Images of Liberty Angels, Altonale, Hamburg, Germany, 2020 by Thomas Panzau.

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