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LIBERTY is an exciting international arts programme exploring and celebrating freedom, led by ArtReach

LIBERTY is an ambitious and innovative creative response to current challenges facing Europe

At a time of significant change for Europe – with substantial movement of people and arrival into Europe of refugees; disturbing breakdown in community cohesion, focused by the terrorist threat; and the implications of BREXIT (and other possible EU structural change) – ArtReach and partners want to focus on the positive impact of creative integration through art and culture, and help forge a new sense of identity and place (both locally and Europe-wide) with strong engagement from young people. As a partnership, we also want to significantly develop and enhance a process of artist and artistic collaboration and reach new audiences with this work. Our commitment is to engage young artists and young audiences.

Liberty EU impact statistics, so far.


  • 13

LIBERTY EU Audiences

  • 110,063

LIBERTY EU Participants

  • 7,140

LIBERTY EU Artist Engagements

  • 237

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September 2020

  • Altonale
  • Inside-Out Performance

Altonale Short & Painless 2020 – Altonale

October 2020 - May 2021

  • Liberty Art
  • Pionirski Dom

LIKfest Art Festival 2020 – Pionirski Dom

October 2020

  • Inside-Out Performance
  • Journeys Festival International
  • Liberty Art
  • Outdoor Digital
  • Processional Theatre

Journeys Festival International 2020 – ArtReach