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Viola Éva Okos

Budapest, Hungary

Being raised in a family connected to Hungarian folklore, Viola’s been influenced by traditional and world music ever since she was born. It was not much later that she had discovered alternative and indie music which she immediately fell in love with.

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Her attraction to ethnic instruments and music though has not disappeared, but had rather widened throughout the many years and projects she got involved in. Joining Ethnofil in 2010 gave her the opportunity to tour around Europe as a lead singer and violinist in various crossover genres. Later on the band transformed into the prominent post-pop/psychedelic band, Odd ID.

In the meantime, Viola has also been featured in various folk albums and started to build her solo performances in both folk-related and indie/pop genres. Today, she is working on her debut solo album in which she is rephrasing some of her most influential folk tunes from all over the world. She is also planning to travel around in the forthcoming years to look for opportunities of cooperation with artists of different cultures, mindsets and skills.