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Urša Majcen

Ljubljana, Slovenija

Urša Majcen is an academy-educated dramaturg, dramatist, scriptwriter and a published poet. She has worked with established theatre directors, several of her scripts have been shoot and her plays published in various literary magazines. Her work focuses on the absurdity of human condition, relationships and surreal poetic of existencial dread.

  • Film
  • Improvisational Theatre
  • Poetry
  • Theatre

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Urša Majcen is an academy-educated dramaturg, dramatist, scriptwriter and a published poet. As a dramaturg she has worked in several established theatres, such as SNG Drama Lj., MGL and Bunker with some of the most important and/or arising slovenian theatre directors, such as Jernej Lorenci and Tin Grabnar. She has also worked on several student theatre productions and co-authored an adaptation of Ibsens play that was staged in Ljubljana National Theatre. She has valid experience in planner theatre (snovalno gl., op.) and in improvisational theatre. Most of her plays have been published in various magazines and/or platforms several of them were stage-read in Ljubljana National theatre and France Prešeren Theatre in Kranj. She has also attended and later thought film and improvisational classes in Pionisrski dom. Four of her scripts have been made into short films, at times she also acts as a script-doctor. Her poetry has been published in most existing slovenian literary magazines and platforms, she also had published a poetry book, the next one is due to be published in november. She is also an editor and author of preface study of latest poetry book of Dejan Koban. She regularly reads at various literary and poetry events. She has published several aricles and reviews and is also an editor and a founding member of Academic Blog AGRFT. Her first audio-visual installation opened in May in Gallery ŠKUC. Her art focuses around an individual, lost in the absurdity of existance, around his/her twisted realtionships and fears. She plays with raw and poetic language, with image and silence, always finding new levels of nothingness and worth(lessness) of our being. When working with kids, the kids become leaders of the project. Only in that case she puts pedagogic and terapeutic effect of art above final product.