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Undīne Rolava

Aalborg, Denmark

Undīne is a vocalist and songwriter born in Kuldīga, Latvia. She has been studying music for a few years now. As jazz has been one of the things she has studied, it has definitely influenced the way she communicates through music. Combining that together with songwriting, the music she leads you to a place where you can think, feel, exist and to forget all the world around us. 

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At the moment, Undīne is a final year student in The Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg and will finish her Bachelor program in June 2021. Before moving to Denmark, she studied 2 years in Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music as a vocalist in the jazz department which musically opened new horizons for her and  showed her different ways of how to be in the music. 

Undīne has been a part of many different projects and each and everyone of them has given her new experience. All of them have taught her different ways of expressing music and ways of how to bring the story to the audience. It is exciting to be a part of a big project where strings and horn players are involved or being a part of one of the latest Kenneth Dahl Knudsen projects called “Ummat” as well as being a part of the opening-band for that night’s jam session. You can learn from all these experiences if you know how to give the meaning to the played notes and sunged lyrics. That is the most valuable thing to look for in every project she is a part of. 

These days, Undīne is trying to find her own self in the songwriting. While still being quite new to it, she has figured out that in her own music she likes to hold on to one thing that really matters for her message. That includes giving the message not only through the lyrics but also paying attention to the harmonic perspective.