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Sibiu, Romania

TOM (Sorina Tomulețiu) creates artworks ranging from illustration to street art. By using a combination of multiple techniques and artistic mediums, TOM portrays fantastical characters in surreal settings, creatures with a black sense of humour and allegorical landscapes, which make up a vibrantly coloured universe.

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  • Illustration
  • Urban Arts
  • Visual Arts

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TOM is a self-taught visual artist and has started a freelance career in 2013. So far, she has had two solo exhibitions and a group exhibition in Sibiu, she has been selected to take part in Giants of Pantelimon, a community street art project in Bucharest alongside street art megastars like Martha Cooper, Victor Ash, Ella & Pitr, she has illustrated covers for academic books, created posters for various cultural events in Sibiu, launched a series of bookstore products that can be found in the largest chain of bookstores in Romania (Humanitas bookstores), she has held street art workshops for children during Street Delivery, a nationwide event focusing on reclaiming city center streets for the people, she has made political and protest art in an attempt to document people’s actions against corruption in Romania, she has taken commissions and created street art installations in public gardens and outdoor spaces.

At present, she is working on documenting her grandmother’s forced exile from Bessarabia during WWII and trying to create a graphic novel. The individual’s relationship to the space he/she inhabits (or the lack thereof), solitude, displacement and the importance of freedom of speech are the main themes tackled in her work.