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Tisa Neža Herlec

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tisa Neža Herlec works with her voice, sound-making devices, materials, and meaning – performing, writing, making, collaborating, communicating, composing, contemplating and improvising.

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  • Audio-Visual
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Urban Arts
  • Visual Arts

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Tina is excited about infrastructures and situations that enable people to communicate, exchange, learn, empower and build together, in solidarity and beyond individualism. In her practice, she facilitates compositions of such situations and spaces, where she engages with others in collective processes. She observes, learns, analyses and intakes, forming her findings into multiple forms of works. She loves to take notes and writes extensively.

She regularly works with visual material to create in the state of flow, embracing the totality of situations and forming them into physical matter in order to understand more, provide perspectives and share insights. She is a performer – with her voice, mostly in the context of free improvisation, she expresses that which is beyond words, while in parallel she makes up poems on the spot, enhancing the moment onto a graspable plane. She loves metaphors and discussions. Open and sensible to everything and everyone, her practice is mainly conversational and collaborative.