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The Orion

Hamburg, Germany

The Orion (Stefan Duta) is a self-taught Astronomical Street Artist, fallen from the stars among the pioneers of the Eastern European street art scene. His carefully spray-painted Universe takes us on a cosmic journey through stars, nebulae, galaxies and wormholes.

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  • Digital Art
  • Installation Art
  • Urban Arts
  • Virtual Reality
  • Visual Arts

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The Orion aims to paint a cosmic awareness regarding our place in the Universe, and to share the inspiring and powerful awe moment that looking at the stars and Astronomy have.

It has started for him after discovering the constellation of Orion, for the first time, as being a kid. His goal ever since was to bring people closer to Space and share the exploration and knowledge with all the people.

Being aware of his place in time and space, The Orion will always try and push the boundaries of his medium in order to create new and amazing experiences that will change our way of thinking and seeing our journey through space.