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Tea Jagodić

Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

As a self-portrait photographer, I love to talk about topics that people don’t want to think about, especially when they are relaxing on the internet, expecting only beautiful pictures. Using my body, I talk about life situations and stigma topics. Topics are direct, honest and raw without a ‘‘beauty filter’’.

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With over a 10 years of work as a self portrait artist, learning and searching for my own style, I finally quit my office job as a graphic designer and dedicated myself to a conceptual work, mentoring, giving classes, becoming a speaker and doing exhibitions. Using a photography as my own theraphy, I managed to become very serious about my work. I was a part of many group exhibitions in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy and Portugal and won 1st prizes on a multiple contests in my country of Bosnia. Now I’m finally preparing my print shop which is my big wish for a long time.

I’m mostly inspired by anger, pain and Balkan mentality which is full of black holes that give me a lot to talk about. With my way of a storytelling, I influenced a lot of people via social media and showed that they are not alone in their hard moments and I’m trying to make a world a better place even just for a day. As the only photographer in the country who does it this way, I consider this as a really important mission. We are all living the same life and experience the same emotions and struggles. With using my body, I’m just playing a role in the scene, I’m not taking photos of myself and I hide my face whenever idea allows it. In that way, people can imagine easier themselves in that scene and feel exactly what I wanted to say.

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