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Takoua Ben Mohamed

Rome, Italy

Takoua Ben Mohamed is a Tunisian graphic journalist and scriptwriter, she draws and writes comic strips based on true stories of several social issues, including immigration and human rights.

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Takoua was born in Tunisia in 1991 and grew up in Rome. Co-founder of the Cinema production company M Collective Ltd., she specialized in Animation cinema at the Nemo Academy of Digital Arts in Florence. She studied Journalism in Rome and is the author of the Woman story catalog and of the comic books Sotto il velo (Under the veil) and La rivoluzione dei gelsomini (Jasmine Revolution) by Becco Giallo Editore and producer of the Hejab style documentary film for the Al-Jazeera documentary channel.

She founded the intercultural comics at the age of fourteen as a tool for integration and intercultural dialogue, thanks to her studies in journalism and to her activism in youth associations, cultural and humanitarian voluntary works. She collaborates with Italian and foreign universities, schools and associations and she actively participates in conferences and exhibitions.

She also collaborates with several magazines such as Piccolo Missionario, Confronti magazine, Sette by Corriere della Sera, La Stampa Origami, Village Universel, Rete Near, Riccio Capriccio, Just baked and for these works she received many awards such as Evens European Journalism Prize 2019, Moneygram Award 2016,  Premio Prato Città Aperta 2016, Muslim International Book Award 2017, Tirafuorilalingua Award 2018, FIDAPA (Italian Federation of arts and professions business) award 2019.