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Szilvay Máté

Târgu Mureș, Romania

Máté Szilvay is a stage director from Hungary, who graduated in Târgu Mureș, Romania. He works both in the prosaic and the operatic field. Sound and auditive information, alongside with the search of theatricality, is always in the centre of his works.

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Before studying stage directing in Târgu Mureș, Romania, Máté Szilvay was active as a singer and as a composer in various theatre shows in his hometown Budapest, Hungary. Sonoric information is very important in his works till today: He builds up his theatre shows as broad-sense musical compositions where tempo, timbre, silence and counterpoint are key concepts. His theatrical language is in constant search of the theatrical, the non-realist. For his 2021 show “As You Like It” by Shakespeare, premiered in Studio Theatre, Târgu Mureș, he won the prize for Best Director and Best Show at Șerban Ionescu Festival of Theatre and Film, Bucharest.