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Budapest, Hungary

SVUNG is an ever changing cluster of dancers, dance pedagogues, and applied theatre experts who conduct artistic research.

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  • Carnival
  • Dance
  • Installation Art
  • Physical Theatre
  • Street Theatre
  • Urban Arts

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Members of SVUNG have a belief in bodily sensations and in shifting from one’s dominant sense to another. SVUNG designs workshops, pre-performance warm-ups for the audience, participatory events and installations as well. In these events, participants explore the surrounding landscape and soundscape, furthermore the common bodyscape and relationscapes. SVUNG tackles with utopia, but acknowledges dissensus, and the unpleasant as premises for individual/social change. SVUNG thinks that there is no de-stress without distress.

They have been working at the crossover of disciplines like somatics, architecture, food design, puppetry etc. and engaged in a collaboration with companies and individual artists as Hodworks (Adrienn Hód), Emese Cuhorka, Dávid Somló, Hosszúlépés, iamyank etc.

Their members are:
Luca Borsos
Lili Stern
• Zsófia Szemessy
• Villő Trömböczki