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Sorina Vazelina

Timisoara, Romania

Sorina Vazelina’s projects range from collaborations with harm reduction NGOs on comics, to art book layouts, comic workshops and editorial illustrations. Techniques spans from vector graphics and collage to etching, screen printing and wood carving.

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  • Digital Art
  • Illustration
  • Installation Art
  • Poetry
  • Visual Arts

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Form follows function and medium follows message, or at least these have been Vazelina’s guiding principles, as far as scribbles are concerned. For the past 15 years Sorina Vazelina has been working as a freelance graphic designer, full-time illustrator and part-time cartoonist on the look-out for new venues of visual communication.

She has collaborated with international and local magazines: Greenpeace, Elle, Glamour, Esquire, Playboy, FHM, Regard Revue Francofon, Vice, Scena9, Decât o Revistă. Old Farts, her volume of tales about aging published by Centrala U.K. in 2017, won the illustration prize at the Most Beautiful Books in Romania. Her sequential work has been exhibited during several international festivals: Next Comic Festival Linz 2012 & 2014, Fumetto Luzern 2015, Ligatura Festival Poznan 2015, Novo Doba Belgrade 2016, Leipzig Buchmesse 2018, Goteborg Book Fair 2018, Offprint London 2019.

Vazelina has tackled difficult subjects such as drug addiction, abortion, homelessness and depression for publications the likes of Vice Romania in comics format. Through collaborations with harm reduction NGOs, the general public was made aware of serious issues confrunting them in a format that was appealing and ensured a more efficient transmission of information, as compared to the traditional written articles.

Alongside Galeria Posibila, Sorina worked with children of ages 4 to 14 teaching art and exploring alternative educational methods. She has also held comics courses at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, over a period of three years. Through Primitivprint, the screenprinting atelier she coordinates with Alexandru Liteanu, she has created limited edition publications, posters, t-shirts, trinkets and award winning artist books. Together with Alexandru she has also constructed installations for various galleries and events.