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Sophia Bizer

Bremen, Germany

Sophia Bizer is an interdisciplinary researching artist, based in the fields of installation and performance. In her work she is dealing with topics as social processes and storytelling with objects. She combines sculptural and performative approaches to create new and participative formats. Sophia is member of the collective MINKUS LYS.

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  • Audio-Visual
  • Installation Art
  • Object Theatre
  • Street Theatre
  • Visual Arts

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Sophia Bizer studied fine arts, theatre and gender studies in Hildesheim and Marburg (both Germany) as well as in Athens and Caldas da Rainha (Portugal). She is curious about how art-based knowledge production can be part of emancipatory social movements. That‘s why she creates mainly interactive formats to be in contact with her guests. She understands her work as an invitation to experiment and to shift perspectives.

Her researches led her to interdisciplinary collaborations with contemporary dance and circus, film and scenography as well as academic discourses. Sophia is presenting her work in exhibitions, festival programs and interventions.

Some of her main projects in the recent past have been an installation project about social processes (groupings may occur), an interactive object theatre (the herbaric lapidarium) and an archive based on collaboration with the audience (the glittermuseum).

She is founding member of the artist collective MINKUS LYS (since 2013) that creates projects and installations for festivals, neighbourhoods and in public spaces. Recent projects have been an installation about rituals in public spaces (institute of applied ending), an installation-audio walk about sustainability (recycling journeys) and a mobile artistic needs assessment (do you have question?).