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Budapest, Hungary

Solére (Zsofi Sziget), is a singer-songwriter from Hungary. She is channeling her emotions and memories into electronic ‘space pop’ with a unique and minimal approach to instrumentation.

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Starting her project in her home town of Budapest, Solére is spreading her wings internationally. She moved to Amsterdam in 2018, studying at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, before relocating to London in 2020. Not wanting to turn her back on her roots, she’s released her debut single in April 2020 in her native language which gained remarkable recognition in her home country.

In her latest song titled ‘The Moon and I’, Solére tells us about her mental illness as a way of encouraging others to talk freely about such things.

‘My song The Moon and I was inspired by my inner struggles rising in the past few years. After having a complete mental breakdown at the end of last year, I was diagnosed with borderline personal disorder. There was an incident a couple of years back which caused this lesion, since then I’m doing everything I can to work through and free myself from it. The Moon and I is a huge milestone for me as this is the first song I wrote in a completely therapeutic way and my hope is that it’ll give other people courage to talk freely about what they are going through, instead of being afraid of it. This way we can help and support each other instead of just putting labels on things. Abuse, struggle and pain is not a taboo. It’s part of almost every one of our lives. I hope this song gives strength and courage to people who’re still hiding their stories in the dark.’