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Copenhagen, Denmark

A solo-project run entirely by Sofie. It’s a fusion of acoustic and electronically processed sounds. Especially vocal layers and electronic processing, piano and sincere sensitivity is prominent – in the Danish, emotional anti-patriarchy lyrics as well as in the sonic landscape. It is influenced by her experiences with minimalistic/experimental pop, classical girls choir and jazz.

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2005-2014 Solo piano lessons with teacher John Frosch.
2009-2014 Singer (2nd alto) in classical girls choir (Midt Vest Pigekor). Also getting classical solo singing lessons from vocal coach Berit Pihl Mogensen + theory/ear-training.
2014-2015 Studied at music boarding school (Klejtrup Musikefterskole). Rhythmical training +band-lessons. Furthermore solo saxophone (Harald Langaasdalen) and rhythmical singing lessons (Maria Guttesen)
2015-2018 Weekly rhythmical solo singing lessons from Maria Guttesen.
2017-2020 Singer and songwriter in indie band (Regn) – played around 25 gigs plus released 5 tracks.
2018-2019 Studied at conservatory preparation course (MGK Holstebro) with 2 main subjects: songwriting and singing.
2019 Took part in Erasmus+-project about human rights (humARTS). Composed, wrote and played music about rights-issues in todays world. Documented in documentary “I wish the world was a paper plane” by Camille Bildsøe.
2020 Started at Rhythmic Music Conservatory Copenhagen (RMC) at Bachelor Music Performance.

Sofie1998 - LIVE from bedroom in CPH