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Sofia Poccioni

Turin, Italy

Sofia’s research is intimate and personal. Observation and listening are the main tools of his poetics of small things. So, each work is like an experiment, with a beginning, up to a point of balance on which to dwell. Sofia just has to find the point with the strongest concentration.

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  • Digital Art
  • Illustration
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Poetry

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Sofia initially worked alone, and this was important for her development. So, her teacher left her alone not knowing what to do. Sofia believes it was her luck: to have a free mental space to try, to experiment; even to make mistakes. Sofia mainly deals with the creation of paintings, decoration of shop windows and walls.

Sofia’s artistic works have often had a light value. Lightness is simplicity lived wisely. It’s an elegance that hunts the artifice and the false without however denying the complexity and the mysteries that govern our daily life. This thought is the basis of all Sofia’s works. In the process of one of her projects, she often uses the medium of photography to clarify his vision and then proceeds with painting.

Lately Sofia has been working on the multiple relationships with the clouds. The photography is a good companion for the realization of this project. The waiting for the cloud that hits. Since childhood Sofia has always had direct contact with nature. She liked to observe things very closely.

The study has formed the person who is Sofia today. She will certainly continue her studies, attending the academy of fine arts. Getting to know new people who understand who she is will lead her to have more awareness of herself in the world.