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Sándor Márkus


Sandor Markus was born in a little village on the eastern plains of Hungary, the child of two loving and liberal peasants. From a young age he knew that life in the countryside was not for him, but it nevertheless inspired him, and he spent his youth daydreaming and talking with barnyard animals. This connection with nature and the pastoral life has blessed him with boundless energy, curiosity, and creativity, and is reflected in his work and creations today.


  • Installation Art
  • Performance Art
  • Puppetry
  • Theatre

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He trained at the SZFE film and drama university in Budapest and subsequently launched his own art installation, set design and puppeteering project, taking him to festivals and performances across Europe, to the far reaches of Kazakhstan, and across the ocean to New York and Montreal. He prides himself on his versatility as an artist and floats comfortably in the difficult-to-define spaces between various traditional and contemporary genres and mediums. He is a puppeteer, a performer, a visual artist, a conceptual artist, a voice actor, a set designer, and his work is usually a blend of two or more of these areas. His choice of medium depends on what is most fitting to convey the message he wants, with his projects often quite visually arresting and infused with honest conversations about the human condition.