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Rūta Matuleviciūté

Vilnius, Lithuania

Rūta Matuleviciūté is a painter and multidisciplinary artist creating paintings, installation art, perfromance art, photography and curating exhibitions. The main focus of her practice is consciousness-based creation, her painting can be defined in the styles of surrealism, impressionism and magical realism.

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  • Installation Art
  • Performance Art
  • Photography
  • Visual Arts

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Rūta Matuleviciūté is a multidisciplinary artist, MFA Painting Vilnius Academy of Arts, member of Lithuanian Artists‘ Association since 2019.

Rūta Matuleviciūté curates exhibitions and participates in them. She has organised two personal exhibitions in Vilnius, Lithuania: SPHERE (Gallery THE ROOM, 2018) and Wisdom Vendor (Pamenkalnio gallery, 2019), also curated EMEM exhibition and one day opening festival (Traku Voke‘s Manor, 2019) and HOT group exhibition (Gallery Akademija, 2020), participated with a performance HOT Salon in ArtVilnius’20 art fair and developed the performance in TechArts incubator. The finalist of Young Painter Prize 2019.

In the year 2020 Rūta Matuleviciūté participated in World of Co art residency in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Artistic Ways of Pinsel baroque theme pleinair in Lviv, Ukraine. Also organised several events in a co-founded contemporary art space Tapytoju studijos, such as Tapytoju Studijos in Culture Night (Vilnius, September 2020).

The consciousness-based creation which all of Rūta Matuleviciūté’s work is based on focuses on fundamental existence, making the artist herself the main work of art whose physiology and mind has to be nourished before creating to express the ideas in the most effective way.

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