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Rasmus Mikkelsen

Odense, Denmark

Rasmus is a curious musician who mainly works with improvisation. He plays the trumpet but is also a skilled singer and pianist. A lot of his time is spent exploring different constellations and working with both actors and dancers. Rasmus is very openhearted and bubbles with energy.

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Street Theatre

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Rasmus has participated in several projects organized by Swinging Europe such as PlayGround Live with Bo Stief and HumArts. HumArts was an intercultural project in Turkey that worked creatively with human rights together with refugees from Syria, actors from the UK, documentary filmmakers and musicians from Denmark.
In collaboration with the actors, Rasmus has had other projects like Glorias Garden, an experimental show dealing with the relation between human and nature. A show which played on Theater Momentum in Odense. He has been touring in Sweden with another theatre group as well using the concept drömimpro by Staffan Göthe.

Rasmus has several groups he regularly plays with. Among these his trio Ly that includes the instruments saxophone, trumpet and guitar. Ly works with melodic story telling and temperamental compositions. They especially play in the old churches that lie around in Denmark and actively use the atmosphere that exists in these in their playing. Besides this, he also works in different duos with organ players, drummers and pianists as well as a member of bigger ensembles including big bands.

Some of the things that inspire Rasmus the most are curly, unpredictable and consciousness-expanding ideas that unite the abstract with the concrete.
He also finds great inspiration in nature with its sounds, tempi and the different moods from the changing seasons. Rasmus seeks to play and be as authentic and present as possible.