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Pécs, Hungary

Pr!kk is a project of one person who makes music, generally hip hop style. He is also studying electronic music at University and experiencing different genres and approaches to sound design, creating synthesisers and many other interesting things. 

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  • Music
  • Spoken Word
  • Urban Arts

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Pr!kk is a Hip Hop enthusiast who started to write lyrics at the age of 12 and has been doing it since then. After that, he felt he needed different beats to rap on, and wanted to create abstract and alternative hip hop music, so it could be more popular in Hungarian culture. Also, he always felt passionate about helping the less fortunate through music and creating communities (labels) of talented artists (like rappers, beatmakers, producers, editors, film makers, web designers etc.) to raise up other talented young artists who do not have the possibility to do what they enjoy the most. He is practising a lot to be one of the best MCs of the country and by achieving that, make way for further plans in the music industry.