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Patrik Kelemen

Budapest, Hungary

Patrik Kelemen is a sub-thirty Budapest based dance artist and maker. He completed his studies in Budapest, Salzburg and Brussels.

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  • Dance

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As a performer Patrik mostly works in the Budapest-Berlin-Brussels triangle where he collaborated with Tino Sehgal, Anton Lachky and Needcompany, and more currently with Imre Vass, Máté Mészáros and Timothy and the Things from the Hungarian dance scene. During the pandemic lockdown he has been working closely with the Symptoms as a creative co-director.

In his work as a performer, he sets out to forge understanding and nourish specificity in each work he is invited to participate. As a creator he strives for bold new works that accept and acclaim dance per se. He deals with dance as a phenomenon. In his work he navigates towards researching new dance improvisation technologies. Currently he is invested in the poetic interpretations of dance, neuro-identity and in/post/trans-human imagery of the self. He is facilitating MetaSurgery – a collaborative somatic choreography and is in the making of the second piece from his Animals trilogy – titled Cryptic Bodies.