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Paralel Group

Budapest, Hungary

Paralel Group are Fanni Fodor and Tímea Török. They graduated in 2017 at the University of Theater and Film Arts Budapest, where they explored a wide variety of theater education genres.

Since then, they have worked with communities in theaters (Örkény Theater, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts) and also participated in several independent projects.

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In 2018, Fanni and Tímea founded the Paralel Group as a participant of the incubator program of InsiteDrama. Their goal is to work for thinking individuals and a happier society by implementing theatre education projects, regardless of whether they are for youngsters or adults, taking place at theatres, community spaces or classrooms.

With their programs, they provide the different opinions to become values and motivating base of new ideas. They believe that through real questions and open dialogues we can get closer to our goals, and we will not get lost in the search for the only truth, but accept that realities can live side by side.