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Øzra Enn

Glasgow, UK

Øzra Enn (Rossana Nicoletti) is an Italian Visual Artist/Content Creator based in Glasgow. Her works combine ordinary elements with altered colours to create a dreamlike perspective on reality, that could be considered as a way to appreciate overlooked beauty or a form of escapism.

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  • Photography
  • Visual Arts

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The main purpose of her works is to express and make her fantasies visible to the eye. And with that, to constantly question reality. It all started with an imaginative child’s desire to find an outlet for her inner world.

Always attracted by different forms of art, Øzra experimented with music, drawings and painting throughout her entire childhood and teenage. But photography only came in the way during the first year in her Psychology Degree, when she discovered a growing interest in human perception and its subjectivity.

Finding out how partial the way we make sense of reality is was eye-opening, and encouraged her to start a journey of exploration of those things she tends to overlooks. Soon the lens of her camera became the tool for researching new, unusual perspectives, and pushing the boundaries of her own imagination. No surreal elements are included in her shots.

The most recurring subjects are already present in everyday environment. Urban/natural landscaped or details of it, people and flowers, sea waves and moon phases dominate the scenes in her pictures. What creates her perspective is the way she uses colours and shadows in post-production, which is a fundamental part of her artistic process. Her aesthetic is the red thread connecting all of her works.

The main question investigated is: if she can make her fantasies real, what is real? After all, we are easily fooled by anything that comes between our senses and the world around us. By communicating her version of reality, she aims to remind herself and others that what we see is just a glimpse, a partial perspective on something much bigger.

Reality is much more complex than the way our mind represents it.