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Nynne Spangegaard Rasmussen


Nynne is a singer and composer with her very own expression and unique vocals. She is a part of one of our talent programme “Playground LIVE” 2020, so she will be touring with the world famous Danish bass player Bo Stief, and perform at 3 international jazz festivals taking place in Denmark.

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My name is Nynne, and I study music in MGK (pre music-conservatory) in Aarhus in Denmark. I have loved singing and writing since I was very young, and when I found out that these two could be combined and turned into music, I was completely enchanted. I write, perform, and produce my own music, and I love to be able to be a part of the whole process.

I spend all the time I can working with my band ‘døtre’ – we expect to release our first single this fall.

My vision is to make music that makes room for and expresses all of the different  feelings human beings experience – from the biggest and proudest to the smallest and most embarrassing.

Apart from Døtre I work as a choir-singer in  various different Aarhus-based bands.