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Neža Knez


First it was sport. Neža Knez, born in 1990, born a year before Slovenian independence, played first tennis. When she had to abandon him due to an injury, she rode a bicycle at sixteen and was then considered a top cyclist until the age of 21. She rode a bike in the World Cup for four years, in recent years she has even been among the top ten in the world. Then she hung professional cycling on a peg because she studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and entered the world of art under the mentorship of professors there. She was very successful in this – she is such a good artist that she received the OHO group award, at this moment probably the most desirable award for young artists in Slovenia. She received it for her artwork Deus ex machina, and with it she received a two-month art residency in New York and a solo exhibition organized by the Gallery and Center P74 in Ljubljana.

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  • Installation Art
  • Visual Arts

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