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Natalija M Media

Belgrade, Serbia

Natalija Milosevic is a photographer and cinematographer who focuses on storytelling through portraits, travel, food and lifestyle.

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Natalija Milosevic is currently working as a freelance photographer and cinematographer in Belgrade, Serbia. She finished her photography studies in Canada, where she was born and raised. After living between Canada and Serbia for 10 years, she decided to finally make the move 5 years ago to Serbia where she finds much more inspiration for her work. She is particularly inspired by the Serbian countryside and its rich culture and history. During her professional career as a freelancer, she had the opportunity to work on various projects, one of them being for a tourism agency which sent her to work in Vienna and Budapest. In her free time she is always taking photographs and filming in whatever environment she feels most inspired in, whether that be in a destination with beautiful architecture, nature or playing around with food.