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Rome, Italy

MOTOREFISICO is one entity composed of two people, Lorenzo Pagliara and Gianmaria Zonfrillo, both architects and designers based in Rome.

  • Audio-Visual
  • Digital Art
  • Installation Art
  • Sculpture
  • Urban Arts
  • Virtual Reality
  • Visual Arts

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MOTOREFISICO work in the fields of interior design, art, video making and installation art. Since 2015 they designed surfaces for private homes, offices, schools, hotels and clubs.

Composition is their “religion”, they work hard in defining the best drawing for any given space. They develop their geometric compositions directly on the site by creating a huge stencil with tape, this allows them to create shapes which adapt perfectly to the place they are supposed to be. There is a huge thinking behind every single shape they draw.

MOTOREFISICO is a huge artistic container, they try to express their creativity with a wide range of media. For exteriors they draw with tape, for interiors they use tape too, but they only use it as a stencil for paint. For their installation art they use Lycra and wood lamps to create tridimensional wireframe spaces. They also work very widely in video editing and visual making.