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Mladen Teofilović

Belgrade, Serbia

Mladen Teofilović is a 24 year old cinematographer form Serbia. He is mostly interested in feature film forms, music videos and experimental film, but also enjoys working in TV or documentary field. Very cooperative, adaptive and hungry for a new experiences and knowledge.

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  • Audio-Visual
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  • Visual Arts

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During his short but effective career, Mladen has shot more than 20 short feature films, many music videos and experimental forms. He is always ready to compromise in his work, if that contributes to a better film. Mladen is always trying to understand his collaborators and respect them because he claims that is the key of successful collaboration. He would like to try his hands in new genres, forms and has no fear of new and unknown things.

For some of his works he was awarded on different festivals worldwide, but he points out that his dearest awards are the ones the film itself wins. In filmmaking or any other form process, the most important thing for him is to paint the story as best as he can, to transfer director’s vision to the world of moving pictures, and then to improve it if there is a possibility. He thinks he doesn’t have his own cinematography style, because style is a characteristic of film not of a director of photography.

Mladen avoids to blindly follow craft trends and “film fashion” in his work. He would always spend some more time exploring new possibilities and discovering the best solution for a certain script. He really enjoys creating music videos too. Mladen is also successful and passionate in photography, he exhibited his works in Serbia and USA.