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Misha Beast

Tallinn, Estonia

Misha Beast is a street performer with high energy and skill. His crowd goes crazy sometimes. Good show for young kids and families to elders. Misha has got a range of instruments: street drums he made himself, an alto saxophone, and he sings and shouts. He attracts and entertains large crowds. He makes his crowd dance, move, laugh, cheer, feel surprised. Misha lived and learned drum and dance culture in West Africa. He was living in musical city Istanbul learning saxophone. Currently he studies singing from opera teacher and builds his show with raw energy. He played in Africa, he played in Turkey, Georgia, Israel, Russia and many cities in Europe.

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  • Dance
  • Music
  • Street Theatre

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I was transcribing African rhythms when I travelled and lived with a Bambara musician family with ancient traditions in Mali. I was giving workshops at festivals in Estonia using African drums.

I was doing drum school teaching people how to develop technique and theory for year and a half. But I then sold everything in my studio and went on the road again.

I am still continuing with my studies over zoom with my teachers, working on my skills and roaming around the world with music instruments.

This summer I did over 21 cities over 4 countries by performing and meeting friends. Before Covid in 2019 I had been 22 countries over 14 months (Middle East, Europe, Africa).