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Bremen, Germany

MINKUS LYS is an arts collective based in Germany. Since 2013, they work at the interface between installation and performance in various festival-specific and socio-cultural contexts. Their cultural projects are characterised by the explorative, detailed and experimental handling of different materials and the engagement with citizens and visitors on site.

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  • Audio-Visual
  • Installation Art
  • Object Theatre
  • Street Theatre
  • Visual Arts

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The diverse arts collective MINKUS LYS creates moments of irritation and wonder, enables innovative ways of communication and invites to explore new perspectives. The audience is directly involved through different options of engagement and immersively co-develops the works.
Amongst others, MINKUS LYS’ projects have been realised for the miniaturen Festival in Bremen (2020), Nordstadt im Rampenlicht in Hildesheim (2019/2020), Fuchsbau Festival in Hannover (2016) as well as the international arts and performance festival at.tension in Lärz (2015).

The collective studied cultural studies and aesthetic practice together at the University of Hildesheim, focussing on visual arts, theatre and media. In different constellations and in close exchange with a network of artists and sociocultural partners, MINKUS LYS works site-specific and interdisciplinary.
MINKUS LYS members are Sophia Bizer, Nadine Hampel, Charlotte Jautz, Anne Reinhold, Anne Seiler and a variety of multi-professional guests.

Current projects are the „INSTITUTE FOR APPLIED ENDING“, an interactive object-theatre about saying goodbye and letting go as well as „RECYCLING REISEN“, a performative audio walk about travelling and sustainability.