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Michael(a) Daoud

Berlin, Germany

Michael(a) Daoud are an interdisciplinary Queer ARTivist; Conceptual and Visual artist, Performer, Dancer and Choreographer. They grew up in Egypt, studied Art and Architecture in Latakia, Syria, and have been based in Berlin since 2015.

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  • Audio-Visual
  • Dance
  • Digital Art
  • Illustration
  • Installation Art

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Through their early journey from Egypt to Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Sudan, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria to end up in Germany in 2015. Diving in all forms of Arts has led them to work with ‘Home’ as a medium to conceptualize their artistic approach and make an open conversation with the audience to decolonize history and reclaim space. By considering how people relate mnemonically and spatially to their situation and surroundings.

Their artistic practice revolves around inner/external Exile, historical Queerness in religions and culture with an anthropological focus on the Arabian countries.

Michael(a) have participated in different exhibitions at Schwules Museum Berlin (Gay museum), Berlin Aids-Hilfe , the University of the Arts Berlin Rundgang, Coculture and Oslo World Festival 2020 in Norway. They performed in Berlin at Ballhous Naunynstrasse, Theater im Delphi, Lettrétage, In The Queer Now Festival 2020, English Theatre Berlin EXPO 2020 Festival, PAF – Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2021.

They start their movement research “QUEEROLOGY” in 2019 to play a pivotal role in connecting people and in building a more cohesive and open society. By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language, Michael(a) found out that movement reveals an inherent awkwardness, a gender that echoes our own vulnerabilities. It challenges the binaries we continue to reconstruct between self and others.

In 2020 they initiate Collective DaGeG as a tool and platform that serves as a Queer lens of activism and forces the audience to question their cultural norms in order to heal the collective trauma that nests under our skin. DaGeG collaborated with prominent organizations including ZK/U Center for Art and Urbanistics (Berlin), Filia The women’s Foundation (Hamburg) and exhibited at ZAK Center for Contemporary Art (Berlin).