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Marko Panajotović

Belgrade, Serbia

Marko Panajotović is an actor, activist, workshop leader, trainer of Forum theatre and leader of young independent theatre production from Belgrade called Reflektor theatre (Spotlight theatre). Through whole career Marko uses theatre skills and techniques in peer education.

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  • Dance
  • Film
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Spoken Word

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Marko started working very young in theatre and since then he explored the most different and successful ways in which he could say his attitude and make this place better for living. He started working on film and became a member of Centar E8 where he started with his activist work. He learned that the best way to educate youngsters is theatre and non-formal education. He tries to teach young people to be socially responsible and to be active in the society independently of the profession in which they are every day engaged.

He is an actor, musician, Forum theatre trainer, workshop leader, activist, ethnologist, leader of young independent theatre production called Reflektor theater. As an actor he was also involved in writing theatre plays, in making the music for theatre plays and production. He has 16 theatre plays behind him, with different topics like: gender equality, healthy lifestyles, prevention of violence, prevention of depression and anxiety, abortion, political activism, media manipulation.

He’s been in three films and one award for the male leading role for the film Emergency exit on PAFF film festival. He was an active participant and trainer in more than 100 trainings in the field of gender equality, youth health, activism and human rights. He was involved in many theatre performances and dancing workshops. Now he explores the new ways of breaking theatre audience wall and making theatre possible even in the times of the pandemics. Now he explores trans media storytelling and digital media and the way it affects people. In every theatre process he tries to learn something new skill that he didn’t even know he could do. He always says that an artist is someone who explores himself and the society that he lives in, every single day.