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Marko Ježek

Ljublijana, Slovenia

Marko Ježek is a guitarist and vocalist from Ljubljana Slovenia. He is currently active as a frontman for the band Spaceship Earth.

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Marko started playing guitar at the age of 7. He studied classical music at a music school but later shifted more and more to the electric guitar. In the year 2012 he co-founded his first band Blooming, where he was active as the lead guitarist, and co-author. They were active in the local music scene, played several concerts and recorded 7 studio singles. In 2014 he became a guitar teacher at Pionirski dom, where he taught various styles of guitar playing, from beginner classical guitar to electric guitar techniques used in rock and other modern popular music forms. There he was also a part of the Rock academy program, both as a student participant in his younger years and later as a mentor and a session guitarist, helping to teach students how to operate in a band setting and perform live concerts. Through the years he was also active in various music project as a performer and a writer.

In 2017 he founded a new band called Spaceship Earth, where he is still currently active as the vocalist, lead guitarist and author. The band blends several musical styles from stoner rock, heavy psychedelic rock and blues, to grunge and alternative rock. In 2019 they recorded their debute EP entitled Geoengineering, which they performed in a filled concert venue at the alternative center of Ljubljana Metelkova mesto. The band now continues to write and record original material, and perform live concerts.