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Malte Frost

Aarhus, Denmark

Malte Frost is a composer, producer and guitarist based in Aarhus (DK). His ever-growing curiosity for different styles and approaches to music makes him somewhat of a restless artist who loves to mix and combines genres and approaches to music. Instead of genre he thinks in concepts, aesthetics and moods.

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Malte Frost started his musical interest when he was around ten years old where he dusted off an Old Spanish guitar from his parents attic. He would spend many hours on this guitar, learning the basics and even started his first steps as a composer. He was a fast learner and decided to buy an electric guitar so he could sound like his rock ‘n’ roll heroes. He also discovered the magic wonders of effect pedals and they seemed to be able make beautiful, chaotic sounds as well as bend time and space – to this day effects units are a big part of Malte’s aesthetic.

Malte started to learn a lot of different genres as rock, blues, pop, funk and jazz – Composing for different assembles along the way. With this broad palette of sound and genre Malte would often find himself rather restless, as he never seemed to find a solid musical foundation. Nonetheless, as time went by he would learn how to use this as a force. Instead of genre and styles he thinks in moods, aesthetic, feelings and atmospheres. He often finds an approach or a set of rules to compose from. He loves imperfection and when music has character or edge, and even though most of his composition happens within a computer, he likes to keep the human errors that occur during recording.

Malte is interested in other art as well and seeks opportunities for making music for different art forms (e.g. films, games, visuals, theatre and exhibitions). Malte has studied guitar at the Royal Academy of Music (Aalborg, DK) and is currently living in Aarhus, DK