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Lydia Unsudimi

Leicester, UK

Aka Lydia Lutudi


Lydia is a funk and rock singer/songwriter, artist and founder of ‘The I Love Me Project’ which supports, educates and empowers primarily young people aged 13-25 that struggle with confidence, self-esteem and self-worth through workshops and events.


  • Audio-Visual
  • Digital Art
  • Music
  • Photography

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Lydia is a multi-talented artist who has been performing and writing music for the past 11 years. She is the 2014 & 2015 winner of ‘Leicester’s Got Talent’, was crowned Cosmopolitan Carnival’s ‘Leicester’s Most Talented’ in 2017 and was the winner of Macy Gray’s ‘Sugar Daddy Freestyle Competition’ in 2018. In 2018, Lydia was also selected as a recipient of the Curve Theatre’s ‘New Theatre Talent’ Programme, supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. Lydia is currently producing ‘Journey To Lutudi’ which is a five-track audio-visual EP which will feature a unique blend of visuals and audio designed to take the listener on this momentous step-change in her career as a singer/songwriter to an artist: Lydia Lutudi.

This project is aimed at fellow lovers of foundational Rock & Roll, Funk and Soul music and will explore themes such as rebellion, world issues, love, race and identity. Lydia has produced and organised several innovative events through ‘The I Love Me Project’ which address social issues such as disability, isolation, low self-esteem, cultural indifferences and more. These events have created opportunities and provided platforms for the various groups of people that are not seen or heard in society. Her work has been featured on ITV News Central, BBC News East Midlands and led to her being nominated as ‘Most Inspirational Young Person’ by Asian Voice Awards and shortlisted as The Lord Lieutenants ‘Young Person of the Year Award.’