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Luka Savič


Luka Savić is an artist and a philosopher, born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He studied fine arts at the Academy for Visual Arts (AVA) in Ljubljana before going on to study philosophy at the Faculty of Arts in the same city.

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  • Visual Arts

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Luka’s works have been exhibited across Europe, most recently at the Mahler & LeWitt Studios, Spoleto, IT (where he was artist-in-residence); Arte Fiera Polis, Bologna, IT; 31st Graphic Biennale, Ljubljana, SI; DLUL Gallery, Ljubljana, SI and ŠKUC gallery, Ljubljana, SI. From 2011 to 2017 he was an assistant of Miran Mohar, who is a part of the IRWIN group. Since 2017 he has been an associate of David Gothard’s Studio Archive, based between Ljubljana, London and Gorizia.

He has guest lectured at various institutions across Europe, helped to create set-designs and designed exhibitions: most recently a Russian Icons exhibition at the City Art Gallery in Ljubljana, SI. He is currently studying for his MA at the faculty for Angewandte Kunst in Vienna at the department for Transarts (transdisciplinary-arts)

Luka is an artist who builds his practice on in-depth reflection. It stems from philosophy and a broad knowledge of art history. Miran Mohar made a great contribution to his artistic development. Mohar is a member of the IRWIN group and is one of the most important artists of the middle generation in Slovenia. With him, Luka learned to build concepts and successfully translates them into visual matter. His visual language is seemingly technical but at the same time very poetic. Between minimalism and constructivism, he builds a narrative of different avant-garde.