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Luca Borsos

Budapest, Hungary

Luca Borsos is a performer and drama instructor experimenting with forms of participation. She engages in artistic and community projects in several different roles: sometimes as a performer, a mediator, a drama pedagogue, facilitator or movement researcher.

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  • Theatre

In her recent dissertation at the University of Theater and Film Arts (Budapest), Luca’s goal was to understand and unfold the function of ritualized practices in the field of creative processes and workshops. Her starting question in this process was: what can rituals mean to us, theatre creators and workshop leaders, and how can we apply them to our work? The research has focused on practices that provide a platform for group identity formation and for transformation.

Luca’s work focuses on non-verbal, movement-based, and sensorial experiences. In addition, she is currently working on organizing warm-up sessions for audience members of contemporary dance shows to offer them a physical introduction and a personal experience of body awareness before watching a show.

Luca is a member of the Budapest based theatre company StereoAkt and founding member of movement research group SVUNG kutatócsoport.