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Loredana Bulgaru

Sibiu, Romania

Loredana Bulgaru is an artist deeply in love with Romania, who draws stories with humour or irony so people laugh or reflect on things. Being a self-taught graphic designer with a background in Sociology, she enjoys depicting the world around and within her.

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  • Audio-Visual
  • Illustration
  • Visual Arts

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With a Human Sciences background, Loredana’s work focuses on social causes or depicting human behaviour through illustrations and animation. She likes giving multiple meanings to a visual message, inviting people to think beyond what is self-evident. She likes to create contradictions in thoughts, to implant seeds of awareness in people’s minds.

Humour also plays an important role in her work: because humour is like a therapy for mind and soul, a break from reality but also opening an easier way to convey a message that would be harder to digest otherwise. Her ‘naïve’ style of drawing uses simple lines and shapes, sometimes laconic, sometimes very expressive.