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Lisa Großmann

Wendland, Germany

Lisa is working in the large field of performance and theatre with a very wide understanding of theatre. With the groups das Explorativ and Interrobang she is experimenting with performative actions on stages and in public, with digital and interactive elements and with a lot of questions to explore issues of the (German) society. They use games, let the audience participate in the shows and try to make experiences possible which the audience would not have in their all-day live. Beneath her artistic work Lisa is also researching on rehearsal processes for theatre and performances.

  • Performance Art
  • Street Theatre
  • Theatre
  • Urban Arts

Lisa studied in the B.A. program “Szenische Künste” (scenic arts) and the M.A.-program “Inszenierung der Künste und der Medien” (staging of arts and media) at Universität Hildesheim, Germany. There she experimented with Lehrstück (Brecht), solo performances, theatre for children together with Judith Ph. Franke, lecture performances and dance theatre. From 2012 to 2014 she was co-director for the theatre series “Nachtbar” at Theater für Niedersachsen in Hildesheim, which combines theatre and party.

Since 2012 she works with the Berlin based group Interrobang. Interrobang develops performative formats which are often in installative spaces, include digital or other technical setups (e.g. telephones) and are based on a dramaturgy that allows through decisions by the audience to be different in every show. She was part of the team in the following Interrobang productions: Callcenter Übermorgen (2013), Preenacting Europe (2014), Emocracy (2017), Brot und Spiele (2018), Total Therapy (2019), Soulmachine (2020) and Familiodrom (2020).

In 2018 Judith Ph. Franke, Jonas Feller and Lisa joined again after they have met and worked together during their studies in Hildesheim. They developed the Büro für Wunsch-Werte (Bureau for Data Desires) during the residence KOMPLOTT at Pavillon Hanover where they tried to build narratives about the urban district Oststadt in Hanover by counting things the residents think that should play a role in the data and the knowledge about Oststadt. The production was planned as a continuous project about the use of and the desires for the public space. So Judith, Jonas and Lisa founded the group das Explorativ and are very happy to refine and enhance the Büro für Wunsch-Werte in Hamburg.