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Leonie Alma

Hamburg, Germany

Leonie Alma is a freelance photographer and artist from Hamburg.

  • Photography

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One of her biggest dreams has always been to be featured in a magazine. Last year Leonie Alma got to publish some of her work for an independent magazine called tierindir. In 2021 they asked her to create a new photo series for their print magazine. Leonie Alma has started shooting details and creating pictures and frames others wouldn’t have seen. This passion for details and photography in general drives her. She uses good and bad moments as inspiration and gets creative every day. Her camera is always by her side, and she is not only focusing on digital photography but analog as well.

Last year she got herself a job as an assistant for a well-known photographer from Germany called Max Sonnenschein. Not only is she helping him with his shootings, but she is also creating special behind-the-scenes footage. She combines her love for photography with typography and works as a freelancing designer and artist as well.

One of her photographs will be published in an art gallery this year and is part of a fund-raiser for a charity called viva con aqua. They have decided to sell one of her artworks but the whole photo series might be published on different social media channels. Photography is her number one topic in life, and her work is always in first place.

As Leonie Alma has achieved one of her goals, the next one will be to sell prints and be part of other magazines and to work with models and brands.